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We at DEIPL undertake exhaustive quality assurance tests to ensure that only the best products carry the Fairweld brand. Our philosophy is to quantify quality, make it measurable, maintain reproducibility, reduce deviation and enhance the process capability. We have incorporated industry standard and innovative quality control tests in tandem with our production process so that the problems surface right away for immediate correction and prevention.

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all weld fillet test, mig wire testing, welding electrode testing

An all weld fillet test is conducted to check for the running welding performance & appearance by trained and certified welders.

mig wire testing, electrode testing, tensile testing mig wire

An all weld test specimen is machined and tested to check for the yield strength, ultimate tensile strength and elongation at rupture.

coating uniformity check, mig wire coating uniformity check

The thickness of copper coating is measured by wet dissolution method using liqor ammonia. The uniformity is observed under 100X magnification.

Charpy impact test, Charpy impact test of welding wire, mig wire

The charpy strength of the weld metal deposited is tested at -20C to check the strength conformity at shock loads.

corrosion resistance of mig wire, corrosion resistance of welding rod, accelerated storage test

Wire samples are stored in a highly corrosive controlled environment to check the corrosion resistance of the wire.

hydrogen content of mig wire, welding electrodediffusible hydrogen content test

The amount of hydrogen dissolved in the weld metal must be below required levels so that welds do not crack on cooling. A 72 hour test is conducted for its measurement.

Radiographic Test mig weld, welding

Gamma Ray and X Ray Radiography of weld specimens are conducted by external agencies certified by the Bhabha Atomic Research Center.

Dimensional Tests of mig wire, welding electrode

Cast, Helix and dimensional measurements are carried our to ensure superior wire feedablity.

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