Arc Welding Robots

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Arc Welding Robots

OTC Daihen Corporation, JAPAN offers the best automatic welding solution to the Industry. The Robots are capable of Mig and Tig Welding.

Arc welding robots coupled with the best welding machines are the ultimate solution for quality and repeated weld joints. With application specific solutions designed by engineers, customers are able to benefit from advanced features like plusing, penetration control, zero spatter, gas saving and aesthetically appealing welds.

Being a reliance channel partner for OTC Daihen Corporation, we are able to provide the entire gamut of machines, equipment and consumables in the welding arena.

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Catalog Download
  • Mig Welding Robot Download (FD-B6+CPVE-350R) >>>>
  • Mig Welding Robot with advanced power source Download (FD-B6+DM-350) >>>>
  • Material Handling Robot Download (FD-V8L) >>>>
  • Mig Welding Machine for very low spatter Download (Welbee) >>>>
  • Mig Welding Machine, inverter based Download (D-Mig 400) >>>>
  • Mig Welding Machine for Thick Plate welding Download (D-Arc) >>>>
  • DC Pulsed Tig Welding Machine Download (DT 300P II) >>>>
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